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Glad_Lengthiness66952 karma

Do you think having different states having different priorities is making the rollout worse? For instance I’m young, but considered high risk, so I would be able to be vaccinated in Pennsylvania, but not in my home state of Michigan. On a similar subject, does not having specific enough (or flexible enough) definitions of who is at a higher risk make distributing the vaccine to those people more difficult? I’m probably high risk, I have the heart function almost as bad as someone with heart failure, but it’s not listed as one of the high risk conditions so it’s not clear what group I’m even in.

Do you think it makes more sense to prioritize high-risk people under 65 or essential workers under 65? That seems to be one of the big difference in different state guidelines and California seems to be getting rid of the group all together and doing everything based on age (I think).