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Glad_Hander345 karma

Will High Fidelity ever be coming out on Blu-Ray?

Glad_Hander226 karma

My bad. It came out on Blu-Ray in August of last year. Picking it up on Amazon, right now.

Glad_Hander14 karma

Searing over direct heat, then cooking over indirect heat.

I learned it watching you....I LEARNED IT WATCHING YOU!

Glad_Hander13 karma

Do you really need to ask?

Glad_Hander2 karma

Hey Portugal. The Man,

Big fan since 2003! Caught you multiple times in Austin, TX at Stubbs, ACL Live taping, ACL, etc. Ya'll even signed a Church Mouth vinyl record for me, at this last ACL. Listening to your channel on Pandora, at this moment.....and I have no idea why I'm cred'ing myself up like this....but I love you.

I dig the limited release + breed idea. Are you guys selling anything which would then have the proceeds go to the Sumatran Tiger effort? I would gladly buy to support both the band and the tigers!