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I tried to query the Colorado taxation department on their aggregate numbers of individuals granted licenses and the racial make-up juxtaposed with arrest numbers and rates... needless to say they were none to happy and gave me a freedom of information act runaround. Your organization is uniquely set up to find out such answer and would be a telling piece of journalism on the civil rights and criminal justice front! Also if you would could you opine as to whether or not President Obama's past history with the drug will preclude him from doing anything substantive on the topic or just punt the ball like we all expect?

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Dear Editorial Board,

As a young black man and a veteran how do you feel about the hypocrisy of black men being arrested and penalized for decades for illegal selling marijuana now the only imagery I see throughout your newspaper and other media outlets are "Whites" making money off legal and medicinal marijuana?

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Will the NYT editorial board stop here or shall we expect more continuing in-depth coverage that goes beyond the fantastical and comical sneering and snickering of other media outlets who invariably inject doritos and cheetos jokes into what is a growing consensus of being a serious issue?