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This was his outfit, how do you think it went?

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Don't control the weather? What a fake genie.

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Hey, Malcolm! You’re my absolute favorite Survivor. You’ve got a great social/physical game, and a great strategic mind. But most noticeably, you seem to be very observant of human behavior and it’s something I really connect with and admire. For example, in an interview at Ponderosa right after your Caramoan elimination, you said something along the lines of I played a bit too aggressive this time around and it’s probably because I was trying to compensate for the first elimination. That’s the type of insight that separates you from all the other contestants. I'd love to see you go for another season!

Here are my questions:

  • Your big move in Caramoan -- the double idol plus immunity – has been met with a lot of criticism but I thought it was a great move and have defended it countless times. The main point of criticism is that you should have let SRU decide who to vote out rather than name Phillip as the target. I’ve argued against that because I figured you had planned for the fact that SRU might have a backup plan in case you had two idols (because Andrea and Cochran had spent a ton of time trying to hash out every possible outcome) and the obvious backup plan would be to vote Sherri or Erik out since they were at the bottom of the SRU alliance. But since you needed both of them to flip (and Andrea as well since she was close to Reynold and Eddie), you decided to target Phillip who wasn’t exactly popular within SRU and was the least likely to flip to your side. Is this true? Or was targeting Phillip an emotional decision rather than a strategic one and in reality, the better play would have been to let SRU decide who to vote out?

  • Well, you have to marry Elrod... we all know this. Probably ding Eddie... and I'll just kill Malcolm because it's very unlikely he ever reads this. - Andrea in her IAmA. From 1-10, how betrayed do you feel?

  • I was talking to Cochran and he was telling me a story about a time when you two were out for lunch. You constantly had a flow of girls coming up to you asking for pictures, and at one point, you leaned back and stretched your arms out and said… Welcome to my world, Cochran. So I take it, life has been good since the show? :)