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Git2ZaChoppa20 karma

Holy shit man! Living in Cambodia now, where exactly was this? Did they catch the guys?

Git2ZaChoppa17 karma

A month ago? Can't remember, though likely I would have been in Phnom Penh, and looking back at that guy's post, he seems to have been located on Otres Village, a few hours away in Sihanoukville. Formerly a paradise, it's about to be completely taken over by the Chinese.

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That's pretty much what happened. Chinese have completely overtaken Sihanoukville. Haven't been in a couple years because of it.

Git2ZaChoppa1 karma

Grant!! First off, thank you for adding untold dimension to some of my favorite games from my childhood. Quick question, could you tell me what sort of synth you guys used in Goldeneye when composing your music?