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I could use a flame thrower on mine so that I can clear the snow that the city plows on to the sidewalks.

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I’m in an electric wheelchair and I’d totally be down to race through the desert!

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Hey, I recently got sick with a rare autoimmune disease and I too say I won the lottery. I call it the Disease Lottery. It pretty much perfectly sums up exactly what happened.

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My first chair is being custom made and delivered in a few weeks. My OT made sure to get me one with tilt and recline and the 12 inch eye level thing as well as neck and leg rest. I didn’t even know anything about wheelchairs before my meeting with the company who sells them.

My favorite thing is that the dealer asked what I most love to do with my time and I answered sewing. So after thinking about it for a few minutes he had come up with ideas for how to make my feet best positioned for the pedal and how to move the arm rests out of the way to make elbow space.

In case others are similar to me: I didn’t know before getting sick that the majority of people on wheelchairs are capable of walking short distances but may be prone to falling or fatiguing (like myself).

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