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If anyone has a contact at Thrasher Magazine... I would love to do an article where I teach Tony Hawk to shoot and he teaches me to skateboard

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Pretty awesome actually - except when people would say "Trasher" instead lol. I was voted the 8th coolest name in the Rio Olympics!

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It's a very annoying answer but the best way to get better is practice! But not just throwing shots down range - deliberate, high intensity practice. I'd recommend the books Bullseye Mind by Raymond Prior and The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle :)

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I don't drink any caffeine or eat added sugar. I also find breath control helps but honestly shaky hands aren't a problem I deal with. It's mostly genetic!

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Kind of like cleats in track and field, they serve a variety of uses including injury prevention, stabilization, and allowing us to shoot for longer. They also have various accessories on them like a "sling keep" which attaches the sling used in prone and kneeling. They are tested very strictly for thickness, stiffness, and overlap at competitions to make sure no one has a performance advantage over anyone else!