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I noticed schools weren't on your list here, and you mentioned you think that privatization would fill the void left behind by not providing tax dollars. Does this mean that you are in favor of privatized education instead of public schools?

I'm curious where you stand on prisons as well. Without making this question loaded against you, I'd just like to point out that privatized prisons have been a disaster time and time again. Privatized prisons work like any other company, with cost cutting as a significant goal. Which for prisoners meant spoiled inedible food and poor or no health care. That's not even mentioning the lobbying for stricter laws in order to keep prisons full and business booming.

*You are correct that prisons is covered by his statement. My primary question was about schools, but the prison thing came up as an after thought.

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This whole AMA is phenomenally interesting. Your Wired Youtube video was fascinating as well. Even your AMA etiquette of answering more than a handful of questions, answering them thoroughly, and answering follow-ups is really a bar setting level. 10/10

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Hello Mr. Manson, Family Guy once did an episode with "you" in it. Were you aware of it? What did you think about it? Here's the video clip for anyone who hasn't seen it. Clip

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I ended up having surgery on both sides of my chest after I kept having them. Haven't had an issue since.

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Hi Matt. I can always count on the movies you star in to be great movies. I can't recall the last time I watched a movie you were in and was disappointed. Are you extremely selective before accepting a role? Do you ask yourself if a movie will be good before making it, and base your selections on that? Or do you just pick movies that seem fun and pay well and just hope for the best?