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Taste like crabs, talk like pe-pole

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So what? 4k? How rare does it have to be until it holds 100% of its value? Gold holds its weight why not diamonds?

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My girlfriend quite possibly has endometriosis she hasn't been diagnosed but has a lot the symptoms and has gone through almost every test for other diseases with similar symptoms. She does have cysts on a kidney that they saw while testing for chrons/celiac/IBS/ and a ton of other things. She racked up medical bills and wants to be tested within a year after paying off her student loans. The only way she functions day to day without pain is by smoking or consuming marijuana. The word needs to be out for those afflicted. It can give you your life back. She's terrified of the diagnosis I think, and I hate when people act like she's a stoner or bullshitting. Going on vacation where there is no medication and watching her succumb to the pain after a couple days is terrible. Not being able to help her is the worst feeling in the world.

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In hollywood. You get disbared in real life. There are enough lawyers around.

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Yes and the ones like you that think you can change the world now that you are afflicted. Herpes sucks. Hope they find a cure. You arent changing anything.