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Just curious, although there is no reason you should, is there any chance at all that us existing users could get a decent trade-in on our Surface devices for the new Pro 3? If I could get a decent trade-in on my Surface 2 with type keyboard, I would make the jump in a heartbeat… thoughts?

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I am really curious to hear what your high level intentions towards marketing the Surface pro 3 are. I am writing this question on my Surface 2 and I love this machine. What’s more, EVERY person I have shown it to has been amazed at how versatile it is (wait, it has HD video out, I can plug almost anything in to the USB slot like a real computer, it comes with real office and that is a real keyboard that does what when you fold it back!!!??). I know that giving others the chance to play with my Surface 2 has sold at least four of them to friends and family members, but none of these people would even thought of Microsoft for their tablet needs before that. In general the Surface is seen as Microsoft’s desperate attempt to make an iPad, and almost no one realizes that what you’ve actually done is made a whole new class of tablet which is MUCH closer to the laptop experience with tablet dimensions. How do you plan to get that information across this time when you have (in most people’s mind I think) failed so far?

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Hey Scott thank you for what you do! I took a premium subscription in the Thanksgiving sale and even though I'm not travelling right now, love getting the deals.

However I thought I'd let you know... in the summer I went to lunch with a friend who had never left the U.S., and since I travel fairly regularly he was asking me about going to Europe. I suggested he subscribe to your website and some other things.

I get a message from him a couple of weeks later telling me he wants to buy me lunch! We meet for lunch and he tells me that thanks to SCF he had found great flights to Italy for him, his wife and two kids so he was leaving the U.S. in two months for the first time ever, he was so excited and thanked me for the recommendation (so I got free lunch out of it- SCORE!).

About 3 weeks before his Italy vacation I met with him again. As we're eating he casually mentions he was in MEXICO CITY last weekend! He'd got a cheap flight (again through SCF) on Thursday, booked it that day, left Friday and got back the previous Monday!

So his first time out of the US was to Mexico City on a flight he booked 24 hours before departure... talk about a trial by fire!

He went to Italy over thanksgiving and has already booked travel to the UK and France for this year....

So thank you, you made a REAL difference for at least one person!

So to my question. Are you about the flights only, or would you consider branching out into other areas of travel like Hotels and so on?

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Soooo yet another, "drop by to raise awareness because some PR guy told me to but only really answer 5-6 questions" visit is it? Tim, how about answering some questions? Just a thought... that's a question, right? It qualifies....

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Shame... no Smooshi Sushi... :-(