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Since SBF was making risky bets with Alameda, it was only a matter of when, not if it would fall. However, in the theoretical universe where FTX either remained stable or kept growing -that is, remained solvent- would he be investigated for the same charges of fraud that are currently being levelled against him?

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Do you sell steaks and calculators?

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damn, how did that happen? was it out of the blue or did it involve some accident or what?

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vulnerability in an artificial neural network very quickly.

What is the nature of such vulnerabilities - is it always restricted to adversarial attacks? I imagine there's not much else that can be attacked in the neural network apart from the engine that runs inference.

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Culturally speaking, men drinking is seen as much more "acceptable" than women

Could you elaborate? Despite the outward presentation of "men drinking = acceptable" compared to women, how different are the root causes of alcoholism for both?

Also, have you noticed any divide along cultural lines (say, mixed race individuals), or is it fairly homogenous across them all?