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GimmickNG18 karma

damn, how did that happen? was it out of the blue or did it involve some accident or what?

GimmickNG6 karma

well...I usually don't give too much time towards learning KSP so when i play it i usually load the preset airplanes/controllable spaceships and 9/11 the place up.

am i doing it wrong?

GimmickNG3 karma

i prefer the opposite of the stupidity law: the ones driving the anti-vax effort aren't stupid, they're cashing in on it/being malicious even when they know it's wrong. the others who believe them, though, really are stupid.

GimmickNG3 karma

not gonna happen, sorry. it just doesn't have the same level of importance as others because its purely cosmetic, and doesnt hazard life in any way. that being said, other, more medical, institutions are probably working on it, but Rotary is not one of them, or at the least, I think will not be one of them.