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The thing about Arsenal is, they always try and walk it in.

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Q made him a merry man, not Picard. /nerdynitpick

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You're... gonna put that back, right? :(

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I think the majority of your downvotes on this comment probably came from the current generation who never grew up in a world without the Internet. They simply take this connectivity for granted, so your sentiment comes across to them as more of a "well duh, of course" sort of thing. But for everyone over, say, 20-25 years old, we can truly appreciate what a marvel of the modern world the Internet really is, that it allows for such a broad range of experiences and knowledge to be so instantly accessible.

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Get your ears syringed yearly at your GP. Not only will it clear any blockages, it feels super good. Like, almost orgasmic. Not even joking.