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Agreed. It sounds exactly like him. And I honestly don't think anyone trying to fake Ebert would choose Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!

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Bravo for your quick thinking and action.

Regarding this:

I am a ret. special operations veteran from the U.S. Army, and have been trained against attack dogs

I'm sure you've seen the number of incidents lately of police officers shooting dogs just because "it's coming right for us!" I mean a freaking SWAT officer shot a Corgi. Since you've had that training, and in consideration of what you did today, how do you feel about the idea that police should be trained to deal with dogs, and learn to assess the danger of a dog running at them instead of defaulting to "shoot first" ?

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No question - I just wanted to let you know that I read about Wizards in Starlog back in '78, got to see it at Necronomicon in '83, and to this day it moves me as an incredible, unique work of art. Thank you for being part of what fertilized my imagination early on!