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Thats a pretty cool song. I love the 70s slow soul sound.

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You are making seem like Rather was trying to sway the election...

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American does it.

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The purpose of the British Boer camps was to hold the non combatants until after the conflict was over. While living conditions were horrible and there were thousands of deaths they were not trying to kill off an entire ethnicity like the Ottomans tried to do. The Armenian genocide was the first in the 20th century. We should not forget the Ukrainian Holodimor in the 30s either...

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You are essentially right but after the French pulled out the North was already heavily allied with both Soviet Russia and, to an extent, Red China. They were also confiscating land and property of the upper classes like good communists do. The time to ally with them had passed. The west should have done that earlier when they first went to war with France. That is when they were still open to America. The U.S. Instead decided to support France of all countries. BIG mistake. I read somewhere that FDR was planning on self-rule for Indo-China after WW2. Truman took over and let France screw things up....