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What's the hardest thing physically you experienced while serving?

How has your experienced affected your daily life back home?

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How are men treated/looked at in the industry? I'm a male esthetician but I haven't gotten work yet. School was a bit rough being the only guy and I'm curious what the work place is like.

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That's my biggest concern actually lol. Waxing is easily my favorite thing to do and I was the best waxer in my class.

In my state, we weren't allowed to do waxing in private areas on the body at school, so I never learned how to properly Wax the vagina. That said, of course I would like to learn!

Thanks though (:

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What was your approach for scoring the music for silent hill down pour, considering that you were replacing Akira who's music in the franchise was so iconic.

Also, what was your vision behind the score in that game? I loved the game and the music and thought you did an excellent job doing something "silent hillish" while being original at the same time.

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Well, the opportunity to Wax a vagina has yet to present itself. So far the most "intimate" thing I've waxed were legs. Although if someone was to assume I was a creep for doing the thing I paid to go to school for and doing something I was passionate about then the problem would most certainly be with them and not me.