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Are you two people that were fused as embryos?

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I don't think bubbles could live with himself if he ran over a kitty.

Bubbles would most likely do a speed run in a go kart with a wagon tied to the back of it.

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How much did your audience grow since Netflix started streaming the seasons?

I think the more important question is how they feel about the piracy that built up the popularity of their show so they could get it on netflix and air their movies on US tv.

tl;dr Piracy got them onto netflix.

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How much did you eat in a day when you were not dieting? Any idea on the calorie count?

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Because you adopted him, does that mean he is no longer emancipated? Will you have to pay for college now?

When you eventually fill out fafsa, do you have to put your income on the form?

I only say this, because adopting teens basically means the government will probably fuck over the kid when it comes to financial aid.