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GhostDadTheWhip27 karma

Is it true that the Tim and Gelman project is becoming a FX series with the same deal as Louie?

GhostDadTheWhip12 karma

I've loved playing FF:Tactics as well as Fire Emblem on my portable gaming system. Is there any hope for Massive Chalice on the eShop or App store? (or the PSVita shop of course)

Good luck with the project!

GhostDadTheWhip8 karma

I've watched A LOT of Law and Order and Dick Wolf would not stand for this!

GhostDadTheWhip5 karma

Your 'Receipts bit' on your website was and still is a favorite. Maybe with the mooolah generated by this movie you can buy more stuff and build up a pool of receipts to work from again. Or did you retire Receipt Comedy from your toolbox?
Thanks, Todd!!