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What were the reasons for going with Ionic versus other cross platform frameworks life React Native and Flutter. As I understand Ionic is not as famous or industry backed as the other two

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I used to think hyperventilating helped increase the oxygen in your lungs and helped you hold your breath longer

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Might I suggest allowing people to use their own cloud service such as Google drive, Dropbox, Own cloud etc. To store and sync their data. The biggest issue I have with any software is the vendor lock-in where all your data resides on some company's servers and if you want to pull out all your data to move to another software etc. Then either it's too difficult or impossible. Also I don't like the new trend of paying monthly for an app, I'd rather just outright buy the premium version and not receive any future updates other than security updates.

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Hmm I haven't used Ionic before so I'm surprised people find it easier to use with React over React Native which is made by the people behind React. Well whatever works for you is the best tool. I've downloaded the app, I've been a long time Tick Tick user but due to its monthly pay only model I've been looking for an alternative, will check out this app, keep up the good work.