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What is you opinion on the prominence of mobile pay and the almost cashless way of buying/selling/paying for goods and services in China?

Do you miss having actually paper money and coins in your wallet or have you quickly adapted to using your phone to pay for everything?

I must admit...I don't think I like the idea of using a phone to pay for everything.....what if someone hacks my phone?...or what if I lose my phone?...or crack my phone screen?...or what if someone is able to scan my phone without my concern?.....

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What do wolves smell like?

Do they smell like dogs or do they have a specific wolfy smell?

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2 questions...

1. How popular is homosexuality in prison?....Anytime I watch Prison documentaries, homosexuality tends to pop up and I wonder if TV producers are actually using that to make their documentaries scandalous for views or does it really happen a lot in prison?...You said you did 9 years in a few prisons in California....How was it like?....Did someone attempt to rape you and was homosexuality the "it" thing to engage in....or are these TV prison life documentaries exaggerating....What were your experiences?

2. Were you stealing because you needed money or were you stealing to just to be adventurous and rebellious?...I'm asking this because I used to know someone who stole stuff and burglarized homes just for the thrill....His parents were rich so it's not like he didn't have access to money....He just stole stuff just to prove that he could and for the thrill....for an adrenaline rush....so what was your reason?....was it for money or for the adrenaline?

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So the stereotype is that bees have a chronic sweet tooth and they only eat nectar from flowers/fruits.

Besides flower nectar and fruits, what else do bees eat that would be surprising or shocking to most ppl?

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How do bees tolerate such high amounts of glucose and sugar? If bees don't get diabetes, then what is a common disease of bees?