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Yes. Some specialties are more prone to claims than others, with thoracic-cardiovascular and general surgery leading the pack.


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Small wonder they thought they could get away with it. Horizon hospital, in Pinellas County, was doing the same thing more than 30 years ago. It was already a viable business model.

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Since Rick Snyder has stated categorically that he will not resign, what are the chances there will be a citizens' initiative to petition for a recall vote?

Edit: Can you explain to me why this question, asked in all seriousness, has been relegated to the Shittyquestions bin? Since it is a viable option to his constituents, I feel it is a perfectly valid area of inquiry.

Edit: On second thought, it just came to me that maybe the party or parties behind the downvotes and tossing out of my question were Rick Snyder's trolls who didn't want the possibility of a recall vote suggested to any Michigan voters to whom it had not already occurred.