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Gfercaks33103 karma

I used to fix atm’s and we went rounds with a banks filling service (major armored truck company) because they would piss in styrofoam cups and leave them in the atm kiosk.

Gfercaks3313 karma

The atms we mostly worked on were ncr, we did all the maintenance so armored truck guys didn’t need to clear jams.

I used to have a picture of where the same people who peed in cups loaded the cassettes with money that appeared to be in a fire.

Also watched a truck roll up hemorrhaging fuel, it was 105 out side and you could see it like a waterfall pouring out. When one of them got out he said they lost 3/4 of all their fuel in about 5 miles. They had a bad day as we were 2-3 hour drive from the next big city.