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Hey Jon, couple of questions:

1) So The Witness was in development for about 8 years, so at least that much creative effort went into it. However to me it feels like more of a life's work, if that makes sense. As if you've brought experiences, thoughts and philosophies from everything you've experienced into it. How fair would say that is?

2) Is how the Witness teaches your overall philosophy on how people should learn? That is do you think the mechanics of teaching and learning in The Witness should be applied to school and so on? The Witness for example introduces rules and so on but does not drill these in. Consider Mathematics, where you are taught rules but then must perform hundreds of additions to prove you really get it. This is probably quite contrived but hopefully you get the idea.

3) Puzzle design! The Witness has some amazing puzzles and how it all interacts is very elegant. It's rare to see a puzzle game so well designed and intricate. Do you think being able to make a good puzzle game is some sort of natural talent, or did you work on it over the years?

4) Jai! Jai is very interesting, it's a programming language for games as you've mentioned. Certainly it won't replace C as being an incredibly portable language that will run anywhere. Do you see it being used in more domains than just games?

5) Following on #4, will the Jai compiler be open source? I know you're getting very serious about this from your recent posting for a developer to work on it full time.

That's all I think, thanks for doing this and thanks for The Witness! I genuinely believe it's one of the most important games in a long long time.

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Nujabes is really great. You should check out Miles Davis' final album (Doo-bap). You've probably heard Fat Jon's stuff through Nujabes. The Herbaliser are a good group too. Unfortunately that's the extent of my Jazz Rap knowledge.

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You mentioned pursuing a career in Jazz Hop (or Jazz Rap).

Why Jazz Hop?

What got you into Jazz Hop?

Who are your favourite Jazz Hop artists?