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Thanks Obama!

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Rob, my favorite Twitter personality! What were the band's parting thoughts on HTDA when it had run it's course? I loved the music, art, videos. I took a vacation just to see you guys in Vegas and Garbage the night before. I recall the theater being rather empty though, and couldn't believe people wouldn't turn out for Trent and Co. Maybe it was just a Vegas thing though?

High Level is my jam. First comic I've bought in years. Now it's led me to Saga.

In light of the Oscars, it's a good time to relisten to Parasite!

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That's amazing! My buddy and I combined Every Day is Exactly the Same and Groundhog Day a long ways back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyz-KS_rAM8

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Sean and/or Sara: I bought the deluxe version of Fiona Apple's last album and she has a song called Largo. How great is it to get a special Watkins shout-out in a Fiona song?

The Fiona/Sara Everly Brother's cover gets a lot of play in my jukebox. Thanks for putting it on 45.

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If anyone's curious about the bonus Fiona song it's pretty great. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fk40koLh5BY