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I thought going into it that this would happen but it never has. Once I get into character I just somehow become immune to being scared. People definitely try. The best is when you turn around right as their behind you trying to scare you and you end up scaring them.

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We don't allow food or drink in for this very reason.

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I love the minis, but it's never the focus on our campaigns. We generally do a lot of roleplaying, but when it comes to combat we pull out the minis. It makes it easier to run a combat and is a lot easier to strategise. Although I have been in a group that was 95% combat using minis with very little creativity and even less roleplay. It was the most boring game ever. Might as well have been playing video games together.

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Thank you. I signed up to stay in touch with both those orgs.

Thank you for the work that you do

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What are some organizations fighting for UBI that I can follow and help out? If they are local I'm an American in IL