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I have tried to reverse sear meat but it always seems too moist to get a good sear afterwards- even though I dab it with kitchen towels. Any tips? Oh and I really like your work!

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Hi Deb, I am a reader and a fan! Most blogs go south because there is so much sponsored content and the soul of what drew you there as a reader gets lost. I get how that pays the bill though, so I wonder how you do it. You never do sponsorships and the ads on your site are non intrusive. I don’t want details but can you elaborate on how you sustain your site& career ? Do you have a secret spy life you never talk about that pays tremendously? I mean SOMEONE has to pay for all the sprinkles and Anna’s conditioner?! Anyway- we love you ! Keep doing what you’re doing and good luck with the book.

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awesome..should have known there was a subreddit for this. My friend's daughter was just diagnosed so I'm off to subscribe! Thanks for pointing it out :)

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Now that the movie is going to happen did you secretly sneak in front of a mirror doing your best weevil juuuuust to make sure you still got it?

Anyway loved you on the show and I hope you will have a blast making the movie!