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I'd like to go back to 1977 at the Great Western Expo and somehow stop the conflict between the Hells Angels and the Mongols that is still raging to this day. I'd tell them to use dialogue instead of fists.

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You have to remember that that show was a dramatic television presentation. The interesting thing about is that it really affected culture at large. We actually asked if jury members watched Sons of Anarchy at my jury selection, because of how widespread the show was across the country.

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There was a point in time that anyone in the outlaw bike culture had to have a custom bike. Bikes spoke their own languages. You could tell when someone was from San Diego or the Valley, and that is no more. Today, anyone can join these clubs, know nothing about bike and become a member. It might be time to get back to basics.

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I had a concert promotion business, mail order t-shirt business, a tattoo shop, I had a bails bond company. Now I have a criminal consulting business, where I explain legal jargon on a more remedial level for clients.

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It's interesting you asked that because Mickey Rourke just texted me and it's his birthday.

One of my funniest stories is I picked up Jerry Garcia at LAX. I rented a car, went to pick him up, and people were all over the place waiting for him. He asked me to stop at a hardware store and pick up some black spray paint for the windows because he was afraid he was going to get mobbed.

It was quite a scene back in the day. I used to even get into philosophical discussions with Ken Kesey late at night.