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Any advice with dealing with a company that's astroturfing reviews on Google? A company I unfortunately have to deal with in my personal life has sent out mass emails where if you write 5 star reviews on google they're going to have a raffle to win prizes which amount to hundreds of dollars in cash. I've reported them to google via telephone but I'm not sure what else to do.

They're currently sitting at a 3.6 star cumulative with most reviews being 5 stars from the past two months. They're a terrible company and I hate standing back and watching this.

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The owners are morally against the idea of working from home, even if your job can be done remotely.

This cult-of-work shit has gotten so fucking old.

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Nobody likes you Booster!!

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Glass houses, Rick. You put away 9 fuckin' cans of ravioli!

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That's a great podcast, you definitely got the right guys hosting it. Look forward to it weekly.