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This is the sweetest response! I love you!

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Hi Naomi, I am half way through This Changes Everything and I am really loving it.

My question is, what points should the average person use when trying to convince others that climate change should be our top priority as a planet? - and that we should be doing our utmost to make sure our next government take this as seriously as us?

I come from a middle class family, with good education all round, who agree on the fundamentals, i.e. climate change is bad and going to get worse and that it is caused by humans. I love that my family agree with that but I still can't convince them to get out and vote Green in next years UK election.

Thanks in advance!!

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This guy is awesome.

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Dr. Mark, how does someone young and enthusiastic, like myself, without a bachelors degree in any scientific field (or at all) get involved with something like marine conservation? I think there are many people who are stuck in the office-job world to survive but only earning enough to do so and not ever really break out. I have a passion for marine conservation and would happily quit my job and leave tomorrow if I knew there was some kind of option available for this.