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I'm curious as to why your duties include those relating to the family pet. Does the family also take on those responsibilities also?

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Thanks for being there, and being a stand for high educational standards, and caring and appropriate behavior. As a former teacher in an urban barrio high school, I can relate to much of what you're sharing here. I remember how painful it felt to be more committed to my students' education than almost everyone else involved (the students, their families, the administrators and staff, the community). And often, we teachers are the only caring, appropriate adult in our students' lives, which can be a huge challenge. Take good care of yourself (sounds like you've already started on this!) and focus on doing whatever's next. I appreciate you!

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I have family that lives in Comfort and Cross Lanes, so thank you for doing this! I just came across a notice that people should turn off the ice-makers in their refrigerators because contaminated water could reside in there for weeks or months. Is that warning one you've seen publicized?

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I really enjoyed a classed called Victim Impact that made me realize that I hurt a lot more people than just myself. The class on Interpersonal Relationships did the same thing....(elsewhere you wrote)...Now that I'm released, I realize that prison made me understand the value of small things in life that most people don't appreciate.

What can you tell us about your upbringing that resulted in your lack of understanding/consideration of these things. I don't ask this in order to judge; I'm genuinely curious as to the factors that have people be unaware or unconcerned about the impacts of their choices on others. I really appreciate your candor, honesty, humility in doing this AMA. Your true appreciation for the second chance that you're giving yourself comes through loud and clear and I wish you all the best.