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yo, why'd you name it SAD? I basically have to say the "seasonal affective disorder" all out, because otherwise if I tell somebody I have "sad," they won't take me seriously.

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It's a very, very common thing for racists to say to people of color. It's an easy way to hide racism behind words, to make minorities aware of their "otherness" without actually explicitly saying your kind is not welcome here.

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There's a huge difference between one person being rude to another person because of their ideology and a thousand people reminding one person of their otherness simply because of the color of their skin.

Reading some of your comments, it's pretty clear you have some insecurities and feelings of persecution. Here's the thing, the world sucks for the overwhelming majority of people and every single one of us is wracked with insecurity. Nobody thinks you're an oppressor until you actively start supporting or enabling the systems of oppression. As tough as your life might be right now, think of how much worse it would be if every time you needed to get a cab, you had to go get your white friend to trick the cabs into stopping first. As I said, the world sucks for everybody, but there is a whole extra level of suck for people with darker skin. And believe it or not, nobody on the left is trying to make it tougher for you to catch a cab, half the time time we're not even asking you to be the white friend that takes time out to help us catch the cab, right now we're literally still at the stage where we're just asking that you acknowledge that the cabs don't stop for POC like us, like they do for you.

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what an idiotic argument. White supremacy is neither thrown around haphazardly nor a misunderstood term to anybody unless they're incredibly desperate to muddy up the waters to try and hide their racism.

that would be nice..

well define "nice".. That's a term that gets tossed around so haphazardly it has literally zero meaning anymore. In Oregon State they linked Earthquake warning signs to "nice." Black on asian hate crimes are a symptom of what racists think is "nice." Nice is the new "fuck you"... you're not allowed to use it to make a salient argument.. So if you could redefine the line between Alt-right and conservative without using the absolutely meaningless term "nice" to describe it, that would be fuck you.

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if you're an idiot. yes. this is all true. Of course if you're an idiot, it's also true teaching kids sex education is just teaching them how to have sex. There's no actual reason to do it other than to make poor innocent racists and bigots feel bad. You've figured it out - that's our TRUE progressive motivation! Teaching kids about all the history the US has conveniently whitewashed for some time couldn't possibly have to do with helping eradicate ignorance. It's clearly only done to stoke segregation because that makes sense to progressives. Fuck outta here.