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Does Stephen Fry actually need the answer cards?

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Were the clubs damaged?

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Did the rest of the cast ever lapse into an English accent at the end of the workday, just to screw with him?

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We are contemplating hiring a private investigator in Europe to track down somebody. She has done nothing wrong; she has just moved and we would like to get some samples and answers from her as we have discovered (from a very old sample she gave) that she has an unusual genetic mutation. As she is not any kind of fugitive, I imagine that this would be a relatively simple job. My question is roughly how much you think this job would cost, as we would need to pester a grant funding agency to give us money to have this done (and I'm sure they've never before been asked for research money to hire a detective).

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I only glanced through the paper in Science, so sorry if these questions were addressed there. What sort of side-effects are associated with getting the same antigen administered 6 times? Is the timing of administration important?