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What do you think of the American "for profit" prison system, and it's world #1 rank in prisoners to population ratio? Is American forced labour better than Chinese one?

General_Guisan27 karma

Calling everyone you don't agree with a Wumao (aka 50 Cent poster, aka "paid foreign agent") certainly is part of why there is rampant racism in America.

Considering there is prison work literally in every country in the world (bar a few ones), and the US does have a massive problems with it's penal system (more so than China I'd say, at least for regular "street criminality") and even more with it failing to bring back prisoners into "regular life" after they've served their sentence, I think it's quite a fair question to ask.

I think China got plenty to improve in it's own penal system, but I say those accusations regarding "forced work" go way too far, considering plenty of other countries are doing it. Including Taiwan. "Working in prison" seems to be well accepted in many Western countries, but in China it's something "bad". Double standards, if you ask me.