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Sorry for putting this here, but I think you are a liar OP. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry. My intention isn’t to troll or be mean.

Something about this ama seemed off to me. Your knowledge doesn’t seem very genuine and more pieced together. I have no idea what the intention could be though.

Your whole post and comment history is based around your identity as a Syrian Christian. Basically everything you ever commented revolves around that. That could still just be an alt for that topic, I know, but your profile seems far too aggressive in posts and only sporadically active in behavior, instead of all around active/inactive.

If I would guess, you are kind of pushing for an agenda that supports the opinion that live as a Christian is good in Syria and that it is in general quite well and peaceful there. I am absolutely no expert on any topic around Syria so I have no idea if that’s correct or not.

That is a wild guess anyway, I have no idea what you are really on about but something is fishy about this account.

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Hmm interesting.

Alright then! Thanks for the ama

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Lmao I’ve seen a few of what you are describing here and while I read the ama the whole time I was thinking this is so weird is this really the same guy? And I’m so happy that you mentioned it and now I’m sure he is a liar

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Why is this downvoted? I don’t think this is meant ironic, right?

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How is the horse named invisible if I can see it?