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Did he write back?

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I'm 19 now. I'm really curious as to how you think your service has moulded who you are now.

Would you be willing to elaborate a little bit more on this?

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First Nation is what I understand to be the politically correct term in Canada. Can you please clarify?

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I haven't seen anyone else ask, so I will!

What research are you currently working on?

Are you simply working in the lab, or are you currently getting your masters?

-Sincerely, a bsc student

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Very very cool. Could I ask about how this cure works?

What are your thoughts so far on working in the lab? Did you do any undergraduate research?

Next semester I will get my first taste of life in a real lab. I'm working with one of the chem professors to test a drug that if successful would be a preventive measure for Alzheimers.

I can't imagine myself going to med school, so I suppose I'm really looking forward to seeing whether or not I want to pursue a research based career, or whether I should get a masters in engineering.