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They were the bad guys. Koresh might have been, too, but the good guys don't murder 25 children over a photo op.

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The app merely gilds the cage, it's still just as much of a cage as it was before. Putting a prettier face on women being owned as chattels doesn't help change the system, in fact it makes reform harder as people are more 'comfortable'.

Most people refuse to recognize injustice as long as its hidden behind even the thinnest veil, which this app provides. That's why revolutionaries like Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. used non-violent resistance to expose the injustice inherent in the system as violence in the streets. When people saw the violence in the streets, they were horrified and demanded change. When the same policies and the same injustice were not resisted, but quietly accepted as the status quo, people didn't care.

To the extent that this app makes it "easier" for men to control women, it actually inhibits real change or meaningful reform. Anyone who wants fundamental freedom for women in KSA should not support it.

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The U.S. has been trying to push Puerto Rico to either become a state or choose Independence for decades. Both parties agree that the people of PR should choose their own fate and have not done anything to change PR's status because the people of PR have not made a clear choice.

The situation could not be more different, seriously. In a similar choice the U.S. is not going to send in the military to kill everyone protesting like China has done many times.

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The OPM records were stolen by Chinese state hackers who still have the data. The data wasn't hosted in Germany, or any other public repository at all. Your comparison is totally meaningless.

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You can say your pay and we would all make more if it was discussed more openly. Discouraging people from talking about salaries is a (very successful) ploy from billionaires to hold working people down.