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Why are you not tracking adoption targets (e.g. 60% use in the UK) and reported adoption rates? (Not a criticism, but wanted to know if you'd had that discussion)

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Hi Tate, thanks for this. I'm working on the issue in the UK (in between child care). If you're interested, I think one of the big unanswered questions for these apps is whether 60% use is even possible, particularly since governments seem vague as to whether that's 60% of the population, or 60% of adults, or 60% of smartphone users. I wrote a short blog post crunching the numbers for the UK here: https://jackmcdonald.org/notes/2020/05/covid-tracking-usage/

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My working assumption is that the 60% figure is drawn from standard SIR modelling on herd immunity. I'm yet to see anything of any rigour on the necessity for that figure for contact tracing app adoption, but it is interesting how prevalent it is.