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What made you realize that your parents were wrong about this? When did you come to that conclusion?

Alternatively (or additionally)- Why does your mother feel the way she does about vaccines?

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I mean, we can debate about the specifics on the age, but how can the gov have bills like these but think its perfectly fine for 18 y/os to go fight in war?

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This is the most adorable thing I've ever read in my entire time on this website. You, sir/madam, are a good parent.

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But the option is still on the table, at 18 you are old enough to decide a path that will drastically changes your life and exposes you to situations that could lead to your death but you aren't old enough to smoke or drink.

My point being, the obligations of adulthood should not be held against a person until they are vested the full rights of adulthood. Shouldn't be forced into jury duty, shouldn't be tried as an adult, should be forced to enter selective service before then.

I'm okay with the age being 21, I just argue that the rights should come with the obligations.

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If we accidentally hit someone because we jump like a startled kitten and flail our arms when we're scared, do we apologize or act like it never happened as to not break the actor's character?