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I really hope I'm not late to the party. First off, I have really enjoyed your North Korea documentary. You make some documentaries that are both fun and enriching. Thanks!

In the 'Page One' documentary (documentary about the New York Times) I saw how you and some other guys got interviewed by reporter David Carr. (See here) In the film it looks more like you guys were being 'roasted' than questioned. Ever since I saw that scene, I was wondering what your/Vice's perspective on that ordeal is.

  • Did you expect the interview to go like that?
  • Have you been in contact with David Carr after the interview?
  • Do you think journalism in general is leaning towards sensationalism to survive? (I'm not accusing you of that)

Hope you get to answer my questions!

GazeboHeartAttack4 karma

Hello, big fan of The Resistance! Probably the most fun I have with any game.

I have the original game, and love the theme a lot. Why did you (or whoever made that decision) decide to change the theme in Avalon?