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I think things were able to change in the US because of secular forces outside of religion. It doesn’t seem like those forces are very strong in a lot of these places.

In other words, reform didn’t come from within Christianity in the US. Reform came from secularism. A lot of these majority Muslim countries don’t seem to have much of a secular movement.

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I’m a big fan of yours. Because of you, I’ve started a food forest in my front yard. I laid down contractor’s paper, then an inch or 2 of compost, then 6 - 12 inches of wood chips.

I did all of that real quickly this fall, figuring that I can take the winter to figure out what to plant and how.

2 questions.

  1. How do I plant in 12 inches of wood chips? Do you pull the chips back and plant in the soil? When do you put the chips back on? Right away or do you wait until it grows 12 inches?

  2. Do you have any tips on sourcing fruit trees? I’m interested in saving as much money as possible but I can spend a little to save me a couple years. The U of M Extension says you should order them in October and pick them up in the spring but I haven’t been able to find a place that does this.

I’m in zone 4b, Minneapolis.

Thanks for doing what you’re doing. You’re making a huge impact.

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You are an amazing communicator. I just want you to know that I appreciate that. You can make really complicated things easily understandable. I appreciate that very much. It's like poetry. You take away all of the superfluous. Watching your videos is about the most wholesome and fun thing I do when consuming media. Thank you so much for the hours and hours of fun entertainment and information. Your videos got me into woodworking and after years of watching them I've recently aquired a few tools and am building a workshop. Keep up the great work.

How long do you think you'll keep it up?

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I 2nd the Extension thing. I live near the University of MN. The U of M Extension has a website that has all of the info I need for finding plants that will do well in my area. It’s really well laid out to. Everything I need is right there.

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Where do you get the bare root trees from? I’ve been calling around to local nurseries and all I find are multiple gallon bucket sizes. Maybe now that I know the terms “bare root” and “whip” I can ask them.