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Big fan Josh!! I love your playing style. In week 13 against the Giants with the infamous RG3 fumble the original play looked like a triple option and if Robert was in any trouble he would pitch it to you. Nearing the end zone the ball indeed did pop out.

The way you reacted catching the ball was it because the designed play was an option toss and that is why you stayed near him or was it really you being there at the right time and being able to score?

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Fletch staying on top of his teammates.

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Josh great job last Sunday against Dallas especially picking off Romo. Two questions. What is your mentality coming into Sunday? Are you nervous coming into the game? Another question is, if you could own any other sports team, which team would it be? I'm really excited to see you guys play Sunday! HTTR !!!!

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It was such a great play and I cant wait to see you play on Sunday!! Also congrats on your first receiving TD as a Redskin against Baltimore a few weeks ago. I hope you kept the ball.