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Why would the Olympic committee consider removing Wrestling from the olympics? It’s one of the original games from the first olympics.

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I should have been more clear in my question. Why was it even considered to be removed from the olympics? Was it due to doping? I never really understood doping but in my eyes it’s in every sport really that involves physical strength. Doesn’t the Olympic committee take actions to test athletes before the olympics and during?

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How does one make sensors that to communicate with the brain? I don’t want to know your technology but seriously what does the brain do to help trigger the sensor? Or how does the brain communicate with said sensors?

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AP classes are not usually given to freshmen or sophomores. Typically start in the junior year. I would recommend the Math and Science classes if your kid is capable of handling the workload. Also if your kid passes the exam at the end of the year it doesn’t mean that the college they want to go to will accept the passing grade as a waiver for their class. I had this happen to me. They didn’t accept my chemistry or calculus passing grade but accepted my history because I was going into engineering school.

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This was one of my favorite AMAs. Thank you for doing this. Where did you stay in Greece and while in quarantine did you At least get to leave at all or were you confined to your apartment?