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Hi Dougal - Big Fan, big collector (must be sitting at 45+ different bottles/cans etc. so far - but not counted recently).

I was able to attend the first AGM down in London 2 years ago, but have missed the last 2 due to now living down here and unable to come up due to work commitments.

So the main question would be - for those people that have invested previously (and have again), is there any plans to ensure they can access some of the exclusive beers that only get sold in the Tap Rooms/in Scotland? I.e, The Apricot IPA - I can't get up to Scotland, but hate missing out on these exclusives.

Just wondering if there's ways of getting our hands on these when we're not in Scotland? Cheers.

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Using this opportunity as best I can with another question...

Your marketing campaigns, both in Scotland and Online have been amazing these last few years - it's clear that you've really focused on this in a big way.

Unfortunately (and I try to educate them), a lot of friends, colleagues etc. down with me in London just aren't aware of the brand. Now I know it's a much harder city to tap into, target, grow in etc. - due to the vast number of competitors, sheer volume of brands, size of the city and just - cost.

But just wondered if you could shed any more detail on the marketing campaigns, how you feel they have gone, what the plans are moving forward and if the South is going to be a target area? Or - due to the Brewery, is it very much a case of look to Edinburgh and Scotland for the next few years and really cement yourselves as the kings up there?



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Thanks - that would be amazing. The agm in Camden was a fantastic night and was great to meet you all and just hear more about the passion you all have for the brand etc.

My sister does live just outside Edinburgh...so I do try to utilise her as a courier when I can.

Is there anywhere that shows all your different releases from start to now? A timeline of the different specials, one-off releases etc?

Thanks for the response.