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GatoTheSpiritAnimal30 karma

I mean personally i feel democrats aren't liberal enough for my views. As a canadian born american, feels like we have a ult right and the midline conservative parties to me. I don't think health care for everyone is an extreme ideal and neither do many countries.

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When i was in school (early 2000's) my mom couldn't afford the lunch reduced cost so i sat at a table with other kids whose parents couldn't afford it and we just didn't eat. Is this still a thing? The no lunch kids table? I always felt really embarrassed that i never had lunch. Eventually they let us hang out in the library so we didn't have to watch every one else eat.

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I was recently diagnosed with stomach migraines. I am told this is a childhood disorder. However i am 29. Have you ever run into an adult who still has stomach migraines? do you have any theories why a person wouldn't "outgrow" this condition.