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there was a documentary on british TV once about immigration (sadly i cant remember the name) and i kid you not, there was a british woman who said she had such a problem with immigration in britain, that she was considering moving to spain. she wasnt the slightest bit aware of the irony

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He actually had a stalker who really hated him and sent death threats and the FBI was involved.

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you can be both... I suppose he counts as a refugee by definition, but he also counts as a defector

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I think Selkie is more of a Scottish thing, well, I'm Scottish and we learn about the selkie myth. Have you by chance read A stranger came ashore by mollie hunter? its a novel about selkies set in Scotland

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I live in the UK, but my grandparents were born and raised in Ireland. some of my aunts and uncles talk shit about immigrants, failing to realise their own parents are immigrants.

its testament to the fact that the vast majority of anti-immigration attitude (in this country) stems from racism. anti-immigration is used by many as a way to be racist and (badly) hide it. i know british asian people who's families have been in this country longer than my own, yet of course they get all the shit because they have dark skin