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Well I am so grateful for that because far more people have seen it over the years in high schools than ever saw it in when it was released in the theaters in 1992. I am grateful for that.

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Folks, I wish I had more time. As said earlier I have to head down to Camp Pendelton to play a concert for the Marines with my Lt. Dan Band. I encourage you to check out the program pages, our Facebook page, our YouTube channel to see more of the good things that are going at the Gary Sinise Foundation. Thank you to all of you for tuning in, thank you to all our veterans and first responders for serving our country and have a great day!

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Rejection is part of the business. I was rejected more times than I care to remember, but if you love what you're doing you just put your amour back on and go out and do it again. Eventually, something will click.

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Hey I am really enjoying this everybody! Thank so much for coming on, just wanted to mention that we are currently having a fundraiser on the Gary Sinise Foundation Facebook page linked above. Check it out if you get a chance.

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Hello Everybody! I was up there for quite a while. It was a night of filming, they had giant fans blowing at me a DC9 jet engine blowing at me and a huge water cannons spraying water at me. So, of course, I was strapped in with a harness up on that mast because during all that they were also rocking the boat up and down. So it was fun a tiring night, but a great scene.