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People of high and low income frequently shop in the store. Since 90% of what we sell is donated, we make a lot of profit. The greater majority of that money goes to those who need help through charity and job training. There are also great healthcare plans and discounts for Goodwill employees and their families. We encourage anyone and everyone to come shop at Goodwill :)

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All clothes and linens (bedsheets, table cloths, etc..) have set prices, as do books and CDs and the like. What we call "hardgoods" (plates, cups, and all the other random stuff on the shelves) do not, generally have set price guides. Those items are left up to the employees to price. I, too have seen things priced incorrectly. Those items are often taken out and repriced.

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Actually, we are a nonprofit company. Any profits go towards maintaining our programs and helping our communities. About 83 cents of every dollar we make goes straight to helping those in need. http://www.goodwill.org/newsroom/

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We seem to get a lot of used underwear, but the sketchiest was a teapot filled with a mysterious white, watery substance. We chucked it immediately. Everyone had their suspicions about what was in it, but nobody wanted to say. Another sketchy one was someone who tried to donate an old grody looking mattress.

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We sold a table with a set of 6 chairs for 20 bucks a few days ago.