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We're looking at Windows 8 tablets to replace the laptop / iPad combo for our sales team. We currently have the Dell Lattitude 10 Tablet and the Lenovo Think Pad Tablet 2. Id like to test out a Surface Pro because of the more powerful processor and more memory, however, the Surface doesn't have a docking station like two previously mentioned tablets do. I fear that this will be the sole reason for us choosing a different tablet to go with. People don't want to sit at their desk, plug in the power, their usb dongle for a keyboard and mouse, and a cable for their monitor. They want to sit the device down in a dock and go. I get the whole touch / type cover being the dock and all, but I think you're really holding your product back by not offering a dock for enterprise customers. 2 USB ports, Ethernet, HDMI, Power, and I'll be sold. Even charge $200 for the thing; we'll buy it.

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I've had bad experiences with USB3 docks used to expand port availability for some of the Vostro laptops we use. The drivers are finicky and we have problems and video is usually compressed to fit within the USB3 bandwidth constraints anyway. I'd rather avoid something like that. Our users don't want to deal with that after having Dell Lattitude and Lenovo T series laptops with real docks for years now. They want to hit the undock button and go. They want to drop their computer into the dock and start to work. Other tablets like the Lenovo and Dell have great docks already, I don't see why the Surface couldn't have one too.

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How were you with math growing up and making your way through school? Was it natural to you or did you really have to work to understand it? Aerospace is a dream of mine but I was always a C student in math. I went up to Calc 2 in collage but put some of that in front of me now and I'll be scratching my head. I went down my second choice path and eventually got a Masters in IT. I'd love to go back to school but I don't think I have the mindset to understand the mathematics involved.

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What is the strongest argument against Obamacare? What's the strongest argument for it?