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Honestly just go on your local municipal garbage page and follow your regions sorting protocols to a T, in my region glass and paper are mixed but in our other contract it’s separate so yeah. Edit: I guess just make sure it’s the proper stuff your supposed to put in. And weight keep the weight down guys

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Have seen guys bring home everything, Seen guys suspended for taking empty’s home to return for the deposit and have seen guys get away it for years depends how smart you are. never took anything myself but essentially if it fits in the cab and someone wants it it gets scooped.

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Honestly one of our guys pulled a working Mac book out, older gen but managed to trade it for some booger sugar. (Huge problem in the industry) edit : for clarification lots more of your garbage crews are consuming illicit substances than you’d like to think. Trucking in a whole needs huge reforms imo. Pray for Elon and his shiny Tesla rigs

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When the Economy’s doing good it’s hard to attract drivers when it’s in the shitter though everyone wants to 😂, stable gig long contracts as long as you don’t fuck up and get fired steady stable income no matter the economy

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You’d be surprised. Ever seen a cat lady’s house I swear no joke 30 boxes of the original box but instead of clean litter it was all dirty.