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Many of us have seen your very emotional video at the moment your Reading Rainbow kickstarter crossed its goal just 11 hours into its 35-day run. How are you feeling now that the Kickstarter is at upwards of $1.7 million?

What are some of your favorite books - children's books or otherwise?

Can you do a program on The Neverending Story (my favorite young adult's book!)?

And, because I'm a big trekkie:

What are your hopes for the future of Star Trek? Does it belong back on television, or is it doing well in movie form? Or should it be both, as it was during the Next-gen/DS9 era?

How did you get your start in acting? What are the chances a young amateur actor like me could be in the next TV Star Trek? :)

Thank you so much! I wish you the best of luck with Reading Rainbow and all your future endeavors.