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Your organization has been accused of anti-semitism both by its members, it’s alliances, and its reverence for avowed Jew haters. For example, the myth that Jews were particularly involved in the slave trade seems to be particularly pervasive and pernicious, and is entirely fabricated by the Nation of Islam. Jews on the streets of Brooklyn have been repeatedly targetted by black citizens in violent crimes. BLM has turned a blind eye to antisemitism in its support of the Palestinian cause, a cause in no way related to black equality in the United States.

It should be obvious that equality for blacks people cannot be achieved through bigotry and subjugation of another oppressed group.

What are you doing to fight bigotry within BLM?

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No, it’s because Jews don’t see their identity as a matter of religious belief, they are a nation of people under a separate (read: additional) legal system. Some believe that legal system is divinely ordained, others believe it is human legislation, others believe it is antiquated nonsense. But everyone acknowledges that Jewishness is something you’re born with, not something that is a matter of pure belief.

Even the jerks who point at the “wrong” type of Jews and say they’re “not real Jews” really just mean that they may be ethnic Jews, but they don’t hold or value traditional Jewish beliefs.

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Where do they get 100 rabbis to give this heter in light of cherem rabbeinu Gershom?

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Of course.

With trillions of dollars and hundreds of millions of people all with deep pockets and vested interests in doing business with the Saudis and propping up their government, why are you focused on 7 million Jews? Why not any of the US’ other allies with interests in Saudi? Like, Israel is a drop in the bucket. Its the tip of an iceberg. It’s nothing, it’s irrelevant, relatively speaking.

But, Jews.

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So, apartheid?